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Session Chair:

Amy Gorin

Session Agenda

T-3120-OR: Are The Effects of an Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Trial Sustained after the Intervention? Follow-Up of the Healthy Beginnings Trial - Louise A. Baur, PhD, FRACP; Li Ming Wen, MD, MMed, PhD; Chris Rissel, PhD; Judy Simpson, PhD
T-3122-OR: Weight and Glucose Outcomes of the Fit Body and Soul Study: A Randomized Controlled Diabetes Prevention Program Conducted Through African-American Churches - Lovoria B. Williams, PhD; Jane T. T. Garvin, PhD, FNP-BC, RN; Richard Sattin, MD
T-3124-OR: Do Financial Incentives Promote Uptake of Telephonic Health Coaching Within a Health Plan? - Jason P. Block, MD; Dennis Ross-Degnan, ScD; Matthew Gillman, MD, SM; Sheryl Rifas-Shiman, MPH; Renata L. K. Smith, MPH; Ken Kleinman, ScD
T-3123-OR: Repeated Lifestyle Intervention Leads to Weight Loss Maintenance -Sune Dandanell; Christian Ritz, PhD; Flemming Dela, MD; Jørn W. Helge, PhD
T-3125-OR: A Comparison of Choice Architecture and Chef-Enhanced Meals on Healthier School Food Selection and Consumption - Juliana FW. Cohen, ScM, ScD; Ellen Parker, MBA, MSW; Scott Richardson, MBA; Eric B. Rimm, ScD
T-3121-OR: STIVI Pilot RCT on Lifestyle Impact on Obesity and Other Health Outcomes in Participants in Cancer Screening: Preliminary Results - Livia Giordano, MD; Andrea Pezzana; Federica Gallo, Dr; Andrea Menardi, RD; Caterina Anatrone; Carlo Senore, MD; Nereo Segnan, MD