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Session Agenda

T-3102-OR: Pilot Randomized Trial Demonstrating Reversal of Obesity-Related Abnormalities in Reward System Responsivity to Food Cues with a Behavioral Intervention - Sai Krupa Das, PhD; Susan B. Roberts, PhD; Lorien Urban, PhD; Taylor Salinardi, PhD; Payal Batra, Dr, PhD; Alexandra M. Rodman, BA; Amanda R. Arulpragasm, BS; Darin D. Dougherty, MD; Thilo Deckersbach, PhD
T-3103-OR: Individual Differences in Reward-Related Neural Response to Food Commercials Predict Weight Gain in Adolescents - Sonja Yokum; Ashley Gearhardt, Ph.D.; Jennifer Harris, PhD, MBA; Kelly Brownell, PhD; Eric Stice, PhD
T-3104-OR: Homeostatic and Mesolimbic Reward Circuitry Activity is Associated With Reported Glycemic Load in Obese Women - Laura M. Holsen, PhD; Priyanka Moondra, BA; Kara Christensen, B.A.; David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD; Jill M. Goldstein, PhD
T-3105-OR: Amylin Receptor Activation in the Ventral Tegmental Area Preferentially Suppresses Fat over Sucrose Intake - Elizabeth G. Mietlicki-Baase, PhD; Lauren E. McGrath, BS; David J. Reiner, BS; Diana R. Olivos; Brianne A. Jeffrey, BA; Matthew R. Hayes, PhD
T-3106-OR: Fasting Enhances Brain Responses to Anticipation of Monetary Reward in Humans - Sarah N. Ali, MD; Roberta Bowie, BA(Hons), MSc; Giuliana Durighel, MSc; John McGonigle, PhD; Anne R. Lingford-Highes, MD PhD; David J. Nutt, MD PhD; E Leigh Gibson, PhD; Jimmy D. Bell, PhD; Anthony P. Goldstone, MD
T-3134-OR: Glucagon Like Peptide-1 Receptor Signaling in the Paraventricular Nucleus of the Thalamus Reduces Chow Intake and Progressive Ratio Responding for Sucrose - Zhi Yi Ong, PhD; Amber Alhadeff, MA; Harvey Grill, PhD