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The following posters will be presented in Poster Session 3 from 12:00PM – 1:30PM on Thursday, November 6.

T-2478-P – T-2489-P: Muscle and Exercise

T-2490-P – T-2504-P: Systems Biology/Integrative Physiology of Obesity – Basic Science

T-2505-P – T-2522-P: Systems Biology/Integrative Physiology of Obesity – Translational Research

T-2523-P – T-2534-P: Food Reward Studies

T-2535-P – T-2663-P: Pharmacotherapy, Surgery, and Population and Clinic-Based Studies

T-2664-P – T-2683-P: Behavioral and Community Interventions

T-2684-P – T-2734-P: Obesity Development and Effects Throughout the Life Course

T-2735-P – T-2757-P: Family Environment

T-2758-P – T-2776-P: Population Health – Clinical Applications