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The following posters will be presented in Poster Session 2 from 5:30PM – 7:00PM on Wednesday, November 5.

T-2256-P – T-2274-P: GI Regulation of Metabolism

T-2275-P – T-2280-P: Metabolism and Energy Expenditure – Basic Science

T-2281-P – T-2302-P: Metabolism and Energy Expenditure – Pharmacologic, Activity, and Dietary Interventions

T-2303-P – T-2306-P: Metabolism and Energy Expenditure – Translational Research

T-2307-P – T-2321-P: General Neuroscience

T-2322-P – T-2373-P: Pediatric Intervention Studies

T-2374-P – T-2432-P: Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity

T-2433-P – T-2445-P: Obesity Trends and Measurement

T-2446-P – T-2477-P: Food Industry, Public Policy Approaches