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Session Chairs:

Guadalupe (Suchi) Ayala; Melissa Laska

Session Agenda

T-3069-OR: Decreasing Calories, Fat and Sodium in Restaurant Meals for Widespread Industry Adoption - Anjali A. Patel, MPH, RD; Nancy Snyder, MS; Erica Bohm, MS; Anita Jones-Mueller, MPH; Harry Lawless, PhD; Valentine Njike, MD, MPH; David Katz, MD, MPH; Esther Hill, PhD
T-3070-OR: Energy Content of Restaurant Foods Without Stated Calorie Information: A Multi-Site Randomized Study - Lorien E. Urban, PhD; Judith L. Weber, PhD, RD; Melvin B. Heyman, MD, MPH; Rachel L. Schichtl, MS, RD; Sofia Verstraete, MD; Susan B. Roberts, PhD
T-3072-OR: Changes in Caloric Content of Chain Restaurant Menu Items in the US: Implications for Obesity Prevention and Evaluations of Menu Labeling - Sara N. Bleich, PhD; Julia Wolfson, MPP; Marian Jarlenski, PhD, MPH
T-3068-OR: Evaluating the Impact of a Local Staple Food Ordinance on Fruit and Vegetable Availability - Melissa N. Laska, PhD; Caitlin Caspi, ScD; Kristen Klingler, MPH, CHES; Lisa Harnack, PhD, RD
T-3071-OR: The Impact of FDA-Proposed Modifications to Nutrition Facts Panels on Consumer Visual Attention and Food Choice - Dan J. Graham, PhD; Charles Heidrick, BS; Katie Hodgin, MPH
T-3073-OR: Simulating the Impact of Food Store Interventions on Adolescent Obesity Risk: Implications for Policy to Improve the Urban Food Environment - Yeeli Mui; Takeru Igusa, PhD; Sen Lin, PhD student; Bruce Y. Lee, MD MBA; Elizabeth A. Steeves, MS, RD; Joel Gittelsohn, PhD