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Session Agenda

T-3050-OR: Mechanism of Programmed Obesity: Altered Central Insulin Sensitivity in Growth Restricted Juvenile Female Rats - Tatsuya Fukami, MD, PhD; Mina Desai, PhD; Michael G. Ross, MD, MPH
T-3051-OR: Selective Reduction of Dietary Fat, but Not Dietary Carbohydrate, Normalizes Dopamine D2-Like Receptor Binding Potential in the Dorsolateral Striatum of Obese Humans - Juen Guo, PhD.; Kevin D. Hall, PhD; W. Kyle Simmons, PhD.; Peter Herscovitch, M.D.; Alex Martin, PhD
T-3052-OR: Diet-Induced Plasticity in the Lateral Hypothalamus - Victoria Linehan; Michiru Hirasawa, PhD, DVM
T-3053-OR: Link between Satiety Gut Hormones and Reduced Food Reward After Gastric Bypass Surgery for Obesity in Humans - Alexander D. Miras, MD PhD; Samantha Scholtz, MD, PhD; Navpreet Chhina, MBChB; Giuliana Durighel, MSc; Jimmy D. Bell, PhD; Carel W. le Roux, FRCP, FRCPath, PhD; Anthony P. Goldstone, MD
T-3054-OR: Weight Perturbation Induced Modification of Leptin-Sensitive Circuits in the CNS - Michael V. Morabito, PhD; Yann Ravussin, PhD; Bridget R. Mueller, PhD; Charles A. LeDuc, PhD; Alicja A. Skowronski, M.Phil; Kylie S. Foo, PhD.; Samuel Lee, PhD Candidate; Anders Lehmann, PhD.; Stephan Hjorth, Ph.D; Lori M. Zeltser, PhD; Rudolph L. Leibel, MD
T-3055-OR: Maternal High-Fat Diet: Consequences for Offspring Cognitive Function and Hippocampal Gene Expression - Zachary A. Cordner, B.S.; Tyler Summers, None; Gretha J. Boersma, PhD; Lin Song, Bachelor; Timothy H. Moran, PhD, FTOS; Kellie L. Tamashiro, PhD