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Session Agenda

T-3044-OR: The Impact on Future Weight Gain of the 24-Hour Energy Expenditure Response to Fasting and Overfeeding - Mathias Schlögl; Paolo Piaggi, PhD; Jonathan Krakoff, MD; Marie S. Thearle, MD
T-3045-OR: Breath Carbon Stable Isotope Ratio Does Not Respond to Diet During Energy Deficit; A Novel Biofeedback Mechanism in Humans Attempting Weight Loss? - Leah D. Whigham, PhD, FTOS; Daniel E. Bütz, Ph.D; Dale A. Schoeller, PhD; Warren P. Porter, PhD; David H. Abbott, PhD; Mark E. Cook, PhD
T-3046-OR: Early Modification of Fatty Acid Metabolism after Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (BPD-DS) - Thomas Grenier-Larouche; Frédérique Frisch, MSc; Laurent Biertho, MD; Stéfane Lebel, MD; Simon Marceau, MD; Denis Richard, PhD; André Tchernof, PhD; André Carpeniter, MD
T-3047-OR: Effects of Progressive Weight Loss on Hepatic and Skeletal Muscle Insulin Sensitivity: A Randomized Controlled Trial - Faidon Magkos, PhD; Gemma Fraterrigo, MD; Courtney Luecking, MPH, MS, RD; Bruce Patterson, PhD; Samuel Klein, MD
T-3048-OR: TAp63 in the Arcuate Nucleus Regulates Energy Homeostasis in Both Genders - Chunmei Wang; Pingwen Xu, PhD; Yongjie Yang, PhD; Fang Zou, PhD.; Yan Xia, Ph.D; Kenji Saito, PhD; Xuehong Cao, MD, PhD,; Xiaofeng Yan, MD, PhD; Antentor Othrell Hinton, Jr, BS; Yong Xu, PhD
T-3049-OR: Hepatic and Adipocyte-Derived Hormones: Response to Dietary Intervention and Relationships to Metabolic Variables - Bridget M. Hron, MD; Cara Ebbeling, PhD; Henry A. Feldman, PhD; David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD