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Session Chairs:

Shu Wen Ng; Jessica Jones-Smith

Session Agenda

T-3040-OR: Better for You Products: Good for Business and Public Health - Hank Cardello, MBA; Lori Kaley
T-3043-OR: Testing the Waters: Beverage Taxes and Purchasing in Preschool Households - Christopher N. Ford; Shu Wen Ng, PhD
T-3039-OR: Comparative Effectiveness of Three Policy Alternatives for Reducing Added Sugar Consumption: How do Cap and Trade, Taxation of Added Sugars and Taxation of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Stack Up in Terms of Impact on Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes? - Sanjay Basu, MD PhD; Kristina H. Lewis, MD
T-3042-OR: The Future Impact of a Reduction in SSB Consumption in Mexican Population’s Health to 2022. Results from the CVD Policy Model Mexico - Luz Maria Sanchez Romero; Antoinette Mason, B.S.; Pamela Coxson, Ph.D.; Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, PhD, MD, MAS; Simon Barquera, MD, PhD
T-3041-OR - More Treatment, Less Dough? Cost-Effectiveness of Family-Based Pediatric Obesity Kelsey Borner, MA; Kimberly Canter, MA; Sarah E. Hampl, MD; Robert Lee, PhD; Ian Chuang, MD, MS; Ann Davis, PhD
T-3038-OR: Savings in Medical Expenditures Associated with Reductions in Body Mass Index among Adults with Obesity by Diabetes Status - John Cawley, PhD; Chad Meyerhoefer, Ph.D.; Mette Hammer, MSc.Econ; Neil Wintfeld, Ph.D.