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The following posters will be presented in Poster Session 1 from 11:30AM – 1:00PM on Tuesday, November 4.

T-2002-P – T-2022-P: Adipocyte Biology and Adipogenesis

T-2023-P – T-2027-P, T-2777-P: Adipokines

T-2028-P – T-2034-P: Inflammation

T-2035-P – T-2041-P: Brain Imaging Studies

T-2042-P – T-2149-P: Adult Intervention Studies

T-2150-P – T-2162-P: Biological Drivers of Obesity

T-2163-P – T-2193-P: Maternal and Child Health

T-2194-P – T-2219-P: Psychosocial Aspects of Obesity

T-2220-P – T-2257-P: Neighborhood and Institutional Environments