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Session Agenda

T-3006-OR: The Relationship between Marital Status, Psychological Well-Being and Weight Loss Intervention Success - Jessica L. Lawson, Charles Swencionis, Elizabeth K. Seng, Judith Wylie-Rosett, Hoboken, NJ
T-3007-OR: The KP Personal Shopper – A Pilot Randomized Trial of Point-of-Purchase Dietary Advice - Kristina H. Lewis, Douglas W. Roblin, Michael Leo, Jason P. Block, Atlanta, GA
T-3008-OR: A Randomized Controlled Trial Examining a Cost-Benefit Approach to Weight Loss Maintenance - Tricia M. Leahey, Andrew Seiden, Denise Pierre, Caroline Doyle, Kimberly Kent, Michael Schembri, Leslee Subak, Rajiv Kumar, Rena Wing, Providence, RI
T-3009-OR: Food Craving and Self-control of Eating are Predictors of Weight Loss in the POUNDS LOST Trial - Jenny Tong, Dennis Hanseman, Nancy M Laranjo, Donald A. Williamson, George Bray, Lu Qi, Benjamin J. Harsh, Frank M. Sacks, Stephen D. Anton, Cincinnati, OH
T-3010-OR: A Postpartum Lifestyle Intervention Reduces Postpartum Weight Retention: The Gestational Diabetes’ Effects on Moms Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial - Assiamira Ferrara, Monique Hedderson, Susan D. Brown, Samantha F. Ehrlich, Ashley A. Mevi, Ai-Lin Tsai, Yvonne Crites, Cheryl Albright, Charles P. Quesenberry, Oakland, CA
T-3011-OR: Improving Weight Loss: Is it a Matter of (Diet) Choice? - William S. Yancy, Jr., Cynthia J. Coffman, Valerie A. Smith, Stephanie B. Mayer, Megan A. McVay, Ronette L. Kolotkin, Paula J. Geiselman, Eugene Z. Oddone, Corrine Voils, Durham, NC