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3.75 CME 3.75 CEU

Course Directors

Matthew L. Brengman, MD; Ann Couch, RN, CBN, CPC; Tina G. Napora, CPC; Josh E. Roller, MD

Course Overview and Target Audience

This course is designed to address coding for surgical and non surgical services provided during the care of Bariatric Services and recent changes to coding that effect reimbursement. We intend to focus on practical strategies for coding and pre-certification for re-operative bariatric surgery. Finally, the course addresses common non-surgical revenue streams for the bariatric practice.

This course is designed for surgeons, integrated health personnel, program administrators, practice managers, and program billers/coders.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Define precertification, coding, and reimbursement for re-operative bariatric surgery
  • Describe the billing and reimbursement for pre-operative and post-operative nonsurgeon evaluations for the bariatric surgery patient
  • Introduce the integration of the bariatrician into the bariatric practice
  • Understand ways to promote bariatric surgery in the community
  • Answer frequently asked questions to the insurance committee.

Course Agenda

Welcome & Introduction
Tina G. Napora, CPC; Josh E. Roller, MD; Ann Couch, RN, CBN, CPC; Matthew L. Brengman, MD
Integrating a Bariatrician
Josh E. Roller, MD
Retail Store (Plus/Minus)
Stephen D. Wohlgemuth, MD
Coding Basics and Trasition to ICD
Ann Couch, RN, CBN, CPC
Coding for Nutritional Evaluation (Pre- and Post-Operative)
Helmuth T. Billy, MD
Billing for Extender Integration and Billing Extenders
Tina G. Napora, CPC
Methods for Precertification of Revisions and Coding
Matthew L. Brengman, MD; Helmuth T. Billy, MD
Marketing and Analyzing Return on Investment
Josh E. Roller, MD
Question & Answer