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Kfir Ben-David, MD; Dana D. Portenier, MD

Session Agenda

A501 – Capturing Accurate Readmission Rates: Looking Beyond our Own Institutions
Main Presenter: Maria Altieri, MD, MS
Authors: Dana Telem, MD; Wendy Patterson, MPH; Brittany Peoples, MS; Mark Talamini, MD; Aurora Pryor, MD
A502 – Outcomes of Different Treatment Options for Chronic Staple Line Disruption after Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy*
Main Presenter: Hira Ahmad, MD
Authors: Raul Rosenthal, MD; Morris Sasson, MD; Konstantinos Alfaras-Melainis, MD; Hira Ahmad, MD; Emanuele Lo Menzo, MD, PhD; Samuel Szomstein, MD
A503 – The Rise and Rapid Demise of an Academic Single Surgeon Band Experience
Main Presenter: Ann Rogers, MD
Authors: Ann Rogers, MD; Vinay Goyal, MD; Vikram Vattipally, MD
A504 – Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Causes Immediate Weakening of the Valve: Intraoperative Assessment of LES Distensibility with Impedance Planimetry*
Main Presenter: Jessica Reynolds, MD
Authors: Jessica Reynolds, MD; Joerg Zehetner, MD, MMM; Nikolai Bildzukewicz, MD; Kulmeet Sandhu, MD; Peter Crookes, MD; John Lipham, MD; Namir Katkhouda, MD
A505 – Use of Self Expandable Endoscopic Stents for treatment of Postoperative Leaks in Bariatric Surgery
Main Presenter: Nicolás Quezada, MD
Authors: Cristóbal Maiz, MD; Julián Hernández, Medicine, student; Serbastián Morales; César Muñoz, MD; Allan Sharp; Fernando Pimentel; Camilo Boza, MD; Nicolás Quezada, MD
A506 – Current Trends in Concomitant Cholecystectomy During Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
Main Presenter: John Afthinos, MD
Authors: John Afthinos, MD; Gurdeep Matharoo, MD; Karen E. Gibbs, MD
A507 – The timing of Postoperative Complications in Bariatric Surgery Patients.
Main Presenter: Konstantinos Spaniolas, MD
Authors: Konstantinos Spaniolas, MD; John Pender, MD; William Chapman, MD; Walter Pories, MD
A508 – Nissen Fundoplication Over Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass for Intractable Gastroesophageal Reflux*
Main Presenter: Amit Taggar, MD
Authors: Amit Taggar, MD; Pearl Ma, MD; Keith Boone, MD; Kelvin Higa, MD

* Presentation under consideration for the John Halverson Young Investigator Award