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Mohamed R. Ali, MD

Session Agenda

A910 – Hill Procedure for Recurrent Gastroesophageal Reflux Post Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
Main Presenter: Radu Pescarus, MD
Authors: Radu Pescarus, MD; Ahmed Sharata, MD; Eran Shlomovitz, MD; Christy Dunst, MD; Lee Swanstrom, MD; Kevin Reavis, MD
A911 – Revision Surgery for Weight Recidivism after Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (LRYGB)
Main Presenter: Pornthep Prathanvanich, MD
Authors: Pornthep Prathanvanich, MD; Bipan Chand, MD
A912 – Laparoscopic Conversion of a Non-Divided Gastric Bypass to a Divided Gastric Bypass for a Gastro-Gastric Fistula
Main Presenter: Rana Pullatt
Authors: Rana Pullatt; Karl Byrne, MD
A913 – Days You Will Never Forget in Bariatric Surgery
Main Presenter: Alberto Gallo, MD
Authors: Martin MB. Berducci, MD; Catherine Beck, MD; Alberto Gallo, MD; Santiago Horgan, MD; Jorge Nefa; Pablo Omelanczuk, MD
A914 – Revisional Surgery after Single-Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileal Bypass with Sleeve Gastrectomy (SADI-S)
Main Presenter: Andrés Sánchez-Pernaute, MD, PhD
Authors: Lucio Cabrerizo; Elia Pérez-Aguirre; Miguel Angel Rubio, MD; Andrés Sánchez-Pernaute, MD, PhD; Pablo Talavera, MD; Antonio Torres, MD, PhD
A915 – Wilkinson Wrap Conversion to Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
Main Presenter: Amit Taggar, MD
Authors: Amit Taggar, MD; Steve Chang, M.D; Saber Ghiassi, MD, MPH; Keith Boone, MD; Kelvin Higa, MD
A916 – Laparoscopic Conversion of Gastric Bypass to Sleeve Gastrectomy and Duodenal Switch in 2 Stages for Weight Regain
Main Presenter: Lars Nelson, MD
Authors: Rena Moon; Muhammad Jawad, MD; Andre Teixeira, MD; Lars Nelson, MD
A917 – Distal Sleeve Gastrectomy Obstruction Due to Remanent Gastric Fundus: Revisional Surgery
Main Presenter: Carmen Santander, MD
Authors: William Awad, MD; Alvaro Garay, MD; Cristian Martinez, MD; Carmen Santander, MD
A918 – Laparoscopic Conversion from Duodenal Switch to Gastric Bypass
Main Presenter: Stephan S. Axer, MD
Authors: Stephan S. Axer, MD; Leif Hoffman, MD