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Karen M. Flanders, MSN, ARNP, CBN

Session Agenda

A1001 – Evaluating The Mechanism of Improvements in Cognition and Psychomotor Function After Bariatric Surgery
Main Presenter: Ulysses S. Rosas, BA
Authors: John Morton; Ulysses S. Rosas, BA
Discussant: John Gunstad, PhD
A1002 – Impact of Modified Early Warning System (MEWS) on Outcomes in Bariatric Surgery
Main Presenter: Jeremiah Olson, MD
Authors: Jeremiah Olson, MD
Discussant: William F. Gourash, MSN, CRNP
A1003 – Bariatric Surgery in the Cognitively Impaired
Main Presenter: Christopher Daigle, MD
Authors: Christopher Daigle, MD
Discussant: Linda Gourash, MD
A1004 – Prevalence of Alcohol Use Disorders after Bariatric Surgery: A LABS Interview Study
Main Presenter: James E. Mitchell, MD
Authors: James E. Mitchell, MD
A1005 – Effects of a very low calorie diet in the preoperative phase of bariatric surgery – a randomized trial.
Main Presenter: Silvia Faria, MS
Authors: Silvia Faria, MS
Discussant: Rachael Pohle-Krauza, PhD, RD, LD
A1006 – Multidisciplinary Team Practices in Bariatric Surgery: ASMBS National Survey Results
Main Presenter: Tracy Martinez, BSN, RN, CBN
Authors: Tracy Martinez, BSN, RN, CBN; Mark Verschell, Psy.D
Discussant: Stacy A. Brethauer, MD
A1007 – Does Taste Perception Change after Bariatric Surgery?
Main Presenter: Tara Mokhtari
Authors: Tara Mokhtari; Daniel Rogan, BS; Ulysses S. Rosas, BA; John Morton