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2.5 CME

LAB Directors

Bipan Chand, MD; Valerie J. Halpin, MD

LAB Faculty

Amy I. Cha, MD; Gregory F. Dakin, MD; George M. Eid, MD; Manoel P. Galvao Neto, MD; Matthew I. Goldblatt, MD; Marina S. Kurian, MD; Samer G. Mattar, MD; Dean J. Mikami, MD; Sabrena F. Noria, MD, PhD; Chan W. Park, MD; Brian R. Smith, MD; Shawn Tsuda, MD; Brandon Williams, MD; Scott Davis, Jr., MD

Target Audience:

Bariatric and general surgeons performing basic and advanced upper endoscopy or surgeons who are looking to perform more upper endoscopy in their practice.


This course will allow participants to use basic and advanced endoscopic tools that are critical to performing diagnostic and interventional endoscopy in bariatric patients.


Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Demonstrate cautery and endoscopic injection techniques to manage bleeding.
  • Demonstrate basic and over-the-scope clipping to close perforations, fistulas, and secure stents
  • Demonstrate intralumenal stenting
  • Demonstrate endoscopic suturing techniques.


Basic Clipping; Advanced Clipping; Balloon Dilatation; Intralumenal Stenting; Gold Probe Cautery and Injection; Overstitch