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3.75 CME 3.75 MOC 3.75 CEU


Giovanni Dapri, MD, PhD ; Samer G. Mattar, MD; Raul J. Rosenthal, MD

Target audience

This course would be beneficial for all practicing bariatric and metabolic surgeons, general surgeons with an interest in caring for the patient who has had a sleeve gastrectomy, fellows in bariatric surgery and Integrated Health providers who provide multi-disciplinary comprehensive care for the patient with a sleeve gastrectomy.

Course Overview

Sleeve gastrectomy has rapidly gained popularity to become the most frequently performed metabolic operation in the world. This is an operation that is characterized as being relatively simple in concept but riddled with technical nuances; which if not appreciated can result in difficult, if not devastating, complications. Patient selection and postoperative support are also essential components that may significantly influence the outcome and durability of this operation. This course is designed to provide attendees with the essential knowledge needed to manage all perioperative aspects of these patients.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, the participants should be able to:

  • Identify ideal patients for this operation, optimizing patients before surgery, and excluding those patients who may be negatively affected with a sleeve gastrectomy
  • Cite the indications and suitability of the sleeve gastrectomy in special populations, such as children, Class 1 obese patients, and non-obese patients
  • Describe the essential technical components of the sleeve gastrectomy; with emphasis on technical tips for optimal outcomes
  • Discuss the updated information on the latest advancements in the management of early and late complications of the patient with a sleeve gastrectomy
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the current understanding of the fundamental metabolic mechanisms that underlie the sleeve gastrectomy
  • Explain the management of the patient with weight regain after sleeve gastrectomy.

Course Agenda

Welcome and Introductions
Giovanni Dapri, MD, PhD ; Samer G. Mattar, MD; Raul J. Rosenthal, MD
Children and the Sleeve
Aayed Alqahtani, MD
Diabetes and the Sleeve
Natan Zundel, MD
GERD and the Sleeve Gastrectomy
Samer G. Mattar, MD
Technical Pearls
Samuel Szomstein, MD
Results of International Summit Survey
Raul J. Rosenthal, MD
Management of Strictures
Almino C. Ramos, MD
Endoscopic Management of Leaks
Manoel P. Galvao Neto, MD
Surgical Management of Leaks
Alan Saber, MD
Band to Sleeve: Single or 2 Stages?
Raul J. Rosenthal, MD
Sleeve to Gastric Bypass or DS
Stacy A. Brethauer, MD
Sleeve to Mini-Gastric Bypass or Duodenoileostomy
Antonio J. Torres, MD, PhD