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Wayne J. English, MD

Session Agenda

A5100 – The Post-Bariatric Surgery Experience: Survey Results at 3-, 6-, and 12-months Post-Surgery
Main Presenter: Paul A. Lorentz, MS, RN, RD, BBA
Authors: Paul A. Lorentz, MS, RN, RD, BBA; Manpreet S. Mundi, MD; Margaret M. Gall, RD, LD; Karen Grothe, PhD, ABPP, LP; Todd Kellogg, MD; Maria Collazo-Clavell, MD
A5113 – Longitudinal Sleeve Gastrectomy: Optimal Procedure for Males Seeking Type II Diabetes Mellitus Resolution
Main Presenter: Ragui W. Sadek, MD
Authors: Andrew M. Wassef, BS; Ragui W. Sadek, MD
A5115 – Bariatric surgery for Super-Super Obesity. One or two steps?
Main Presenter: Laura L. Gracia Bravo, MD
Authors: Itzel Fernandez; Francisco J. Campos, MD; Juan M. Gonzalez, MD; Gabriela Maldonado, MD; Miguel Marquez, MD; Raul Marin, MD; Ary Zarate, MD; Luis Zurita, MD; Laura L. Gracia Bravo, MD
A5116 – Impact of post-operative phone calls on bariatric surgery readmission rates
Main Presenter: Kellene A. Isom, MS, RD, LDN
Authors: Kellene A. Isom, MS, RD, LDN; Rachel M. Tierney, PA-C; Christopher Haffenreffer, BS; Paul Davidson, PhD; Svetlana Chentsova, MSN, RN-BC; Lindsey K. Reilly, RN; Ali Tavakkoli, MD
A5117 – Referring Obese Patients for Bariatric Surgery: Resource Targeting Based on Local Physician Attitudes
Main Presenter: John D. Scott, MD
Authors: Jeremy Warren; Joseph Ewing, MS; Dawn W. Blackhurst, DrPH; Ally Hale, BA; Eric Bour, MD; John D. Scott, MD
A5119 – Changes in Gut Hormone Physiology following Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in Obese Indians with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Preliminary data of a Pilot study in Indian Subcontinent
Main Presenter: Sushant Wadhera, MS
Authors: Sushant Wadhera, MS; Sudhir Kalhan, MD; Sangeeta Chowdhury; Parveen PB. Bhatia, MD; Mukund Khetan, MS; Suviraj John, MD, MBBS, MS, DNB; Vivek Bindal, MS, DNB
A5120 – Comparison of three staple line reinforcement techniques in vertical sleeve gastrectomy.
Main Presenter: Tyler Barreto, MD
Authors: Tyler Barreto, MD; Paul R. Kemmeter, MD; Matthew Paletta, BS; Alan Davis, PhD
A5121 – The Effect of Sleeve Gastrectomy on Extraesophageal Reflux Disease
Main Presenter: Catherine Frenkel
Authors: Catherine Frenkel; Dana Telem, MD; Aurora Pryor, MD; Mark Talamini, MD; Maria Altieri, MD, MS; Kenneth Shroyer, MD, PhD; Mallory Korman, BS; Elliot Regenbogen, MD
A1004/A5122 – Prevalence of Alcohol Use Disorders after Bariatric Surgery: A LABS Interview Study
Main Presenter: James E. Mitchell, MD
Authors: Scott G. Engel, MD; Wendy C. King, PhD; Ken Winters; Stephanie Sogg; Melissa Kalarchian, PhD; Bruce Wolfe, MD; Jia-Yuh Chen, MS; Katherine Elder; Susan Z. Yanovski, MD; James E. Mitchell, MD
A5123 – Hospital Admissions for Patients after Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery vs. Patients Denied Surgery for Insurance-related Reasons
Main Presenter: Joshua Pfeiffer, MD
Authors: Kara J. Kallies, MS; Mohammed Al-Hamadani, MB, ChB; Joshua Pfeiffer, MD; Shanu Kothari, MD
A5124 – Lipid panel for diabetes one year after surgery considering ADA objectives.
Main Presenter: Pablo Omelanczuk, MD
Authors: Magali M. Sanchez, MD; Martin MB. Berducci, MD; Natalia Pampillon; Mariela Abaurre; Viviana Lasagni; Romina Palma; Cecilia Penutto; Sonia E. Omelanczuk; Pablo Omelanczuk, MD
A5125 – Comparing results for laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding with adjustable band plication in a medical university hospital
Main Presenter: Shu-Chen Wei, RN
Authors: Shu-Chen Wei, RN; Weu Wang, MD; I-chi Cheng, RD
A5126 – Does surgical weight loss affect mammography results?
Main Presenter: Tara Mokhtari
Authors: Ulysses S. Rosas, BA; Tara Mokhtari; Debra Ikeda, MD; Kanae Miyake, MD, PhD; John Morton; Kari Hemphill, BS